August 12, 2008

Some of My Favorite Happenings....

I have been a huge slacker on my blogging over the last few weeks, so here are some of my favorite happenings....

- while standing in front of the judge in traffic court he asked "When was the last time you received a traffic violation?". I replied " I was a freshman in college, sir". He replied "Ms. Smith, that could have been last year!" Little did he know it was 15 years ago.

- going to Dutch Wonderland with the kids and having a truly fun filled day - no meltdowns, no temper tantrums, no arguing - just fun! We arrived when they opened at 10:00 and headed out around 3:00. I loved watching Parker, Preston and Peyton get on the rides just like the big kids and my little dare-devil getting on her fave - the Frog Hopper!!

- while Parker was having a temper tantrum he was blocking the hallway to lunch, so Peyton (blanket in hand) just casually stepped over him, blanket dragging the ground and headed to lunch where he helped himself to Parker's applesauce!

- while driving in the car Helena wanted to play "weatherman". She asked us to call her "Weather Girl Helena", so we said OK. Then we each had to pick a name - I chose "Storm Girl" and Jason picked "Rain Man". Helena told him "NO", because Mommy was already "Storm Girl"! OK, call me "Sun Man". Once again, she told him "NO", you can be "Hot Daddy Sun"! I think he liked his new name :)

- taking all of the kids to get haircuts (by myself) and it going well! The person who invented Lollipops was a genius!!

- watching Helena prepare for the big K is amazing. I love to hear her say "When does school start?" because I know she really likes it.

- going in to check on the boys at night and finding them all snuggled together in one toddler bed (it looks like a night after a Frat Party actually, not that I would know Mom - I just heard about things like that!)

- watching Preston and Peyton sit at the dinner table like big boys eating their dinner (6 chicken tenders and dip, french fries and dip, a slice of cantaloupe, a slice of watermelon and a glass of milk - each). Parker - well we are still working with him :)

- watching Parker using his right hand for everything, while Preston and Peyton use their left. Explain that one?