January 22, 2008

Rite of Passage

This past Saturday, Jason, me and the triplets took a ride to OC. Helena was going to the movies with my Mother in Law, so instead of sitting home we decided to take a ride to the beach. When we arrived everyone was very hungry, so we headed to Dough Roller- why do we love their pizza so much??. Pizza is a favorite among the boys, so we knew we would be golden.

We ordered some french fries for them to munch on, when Parker started to get fussy Jason dipped a ff into some ketchup. It was down hill from there....the boys have become official dippers. They loved it and actually did a pretty good job of not getting it everywhere. They were so funny at first, dipping, licking it off of the ff, dipping again, licking it off of the ff, then taking a bite. It was if they found their new best friend......

I guess they will take after Helena, the dipping Queen!!

January 17, 2008

Love Hurts....Rocky!

My daily routine includes snack for the boys at 3:30 p.m. This way they are in their highchairs occupied while I get dinner prepped and/or started depending on what we are going to have and soon after Helena's bus will arrive. Knowing they are contained I will run out to meet her.

Tuesday at 3:45 the phone rings and it is school. They have her there because there was an accident on the bus and she was hurt, I need to come pick her up!! Luckily Robin was available to sit with the boys and I ran to school.

Bless her heart, she was in the nurses office with 2 butterfly bandages over her left eye! She was very upset of course, but very brave!! My next question - How did this happen??? Apparently, she hugged a little boy in K "goodbye" and told him she loved him....as a result, he pushed her in the back and she fell into the bus window!

By the time we got cleaned up and began to head to the hospital, his dad brought him backup to see me and Helena! His parents could not have handled the situation any better - they were great. The little boy apologized and Helena, on her own, accepted his apology. His dad gave me their information to call after our trip to the ER to let them know how she was doing.

So off we go, with Mrs. Pauls (her principal) in tow! She is the best, she offered to ride with us and sit in the back with Helena. Helena graciously accepted the offer and off we went. Two hours, 3 stitches and 1 black eye later we were dropping Mrs. Pauls back to school and headed home!! Helena was so brave, even during the stitching - don't get me wrong there were tears, but afterwards the cherry Popsicle from the nurse made it all better.

Yesterday I told her she did not have to go to school, but she said she was fine! That is my girl, she is over it and moved on! Later last night, she even went to ballet class and had a great time. Today her eye is still purple and a little swollen, but she is definitely back to her old sassy self!!

I told her that she might not want to hug any more boys for a while!!

This Is How I Found My Husband....

...while he was supposed to be folding clothes last weekend. Although he claims that he had just closed his eyes, there is evidence of some very loud zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..... going on!! Notice how the clothes are bunched up to make a nice pillow.

Don't get we wrong, he is very good about doing chores around the house, everyone that personally knows him will say he gets OCD at times.....however, I am accused of taking a 3 hour nap every day of his work week, but here is my evidence of him napping while during chores on the weekend. Ha Ha Ha

January 14, 2008

Another 15 Minutes of Fame....

Several months ago I got an e-mail about a "talent search" for multiples. The Discovery Channel is doing another installment of the show Multiple Madness! So just for fun, I sent in the picture of the boys on the John Deere and some information about our family.

Saturday night we got the call!!! Parker, Preston and Peyton have been chosen to be part of the program. What does this mean exactly - I am not really sure....more information is yet to come!! The shoot will be done at Howard University at the end of next week, so we need to see which day our time slot is..... We could be given 30 seconds of the show, but you know what - I still think that is pretty cool! I was told that the producers are going to interview the parents as well, so now I need to get rid of these roots and get a haircut--ha ha ha.....

So, I guess we are lucky enough to get another 15 minutes of fame........

January 5, 2008

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things.....

Julie Andrews - who does not love The Sound of Music! She was my inspiration for this post...

These are a few of my favorite things...(no particular order)

*Helena helping me in the kitchen
*Watching Parker, Preston and Peyton get into mischief, then smile like they do not know who knocked over the dogs water bowl!!
*A bubble bath -by myself!
*A glass of red wine and a Nora Roberts book
*Listening to Rascal Flatts - "Me and My Gang" - with my gang in the van
*Family time at Christmas, our Open House was a lot of fun with 3 generations present!
*Finding out that my Mom and her cousins was not quite a total angels growing up...Ha Ha Uncle Walt and Aunt Bernadette ....Ha Ha... I guess that goes with learning family history??
*Preston rubbing noses.
*Peyton walking around looking like Linus with his thumb in mouth and blanket in tow at bedtime.
*Parker giving that smile - the one that says I just threw the ball, but look how cute I am!!
*Watching my brother be a DAD
*Finding out Molly and Melissa are pregnant!!! Yeah - more cousins.....
*School going back in session
*Having friends that are always there when you need them...Big Denise you are the best!
*Being privileged enough to know the MOMs and what a great group of women they are.
*Being able to chat with Pam, half way around the world - how cool is that!
*Tinker Bell and her sassyness
*Starting a brand new year of life!

Enjoy! And when ever you are feeling sad, simply remember your favorite things.....it helps me remember that life is really not that bad!

January 3, 2008

Catching My Breath

Wow! What a crazy couple of weeks....I am really behind on my blogging and have a lot to catch up on, plus I was/am having some camera issues, but here is a quick recap of the holidays....

December 22 - Lunch with my father-in laws family at my in-laws house

December 22 - Dinner with my mother-in laws family at my in-laws house. This is a yearly event in which the Man in Red makes an appearance and each person at the party gets a special present from him. The kids always seem to get a "toy". I think Aunt Carol give Santa a special list so he knows exactly what to bring!!! Then we play the gift exchange game, this year Jason won a Dunkin Donuts gc and I got a Santa for the table (look for it at next years game everyone!)

December 23 - Early dinner with Aunt Sharon and family. This was a good time. Within the first 5 minutes of us arriving their dog Jack knocked Helena into the Christmas tree and my niece Emily and Preston break a glass votive while Peyton keeps touching every button on their new TV. I am not sure if we will be invited back next year or not!! Ha Ha Ha......She and Uncle Chuck loved every minute of it!!!

December 24 - Christmas Eve - This year we had an early dinner at my in-laws house and everyone exchanged gifts. The kids had a really good time. Helena would only let GG help her open the presents and the triplets figured out that Pop Stanley was good at helping new trucks escape from their box!! Everyone got some really nice things and had fun opening presents.

December 25 - Christmas Day - This year was a big one for Helena. She has been asking Santa for a Purple Bike with a Purple Helmet for 2 months and can you believe it - that is exactly what she got!!! She must have been a really good girl for him to fill the request perfectly. When she was coming down the steps she stopped halfway down and just stared in AWE! Parker, Preston and Peyton must have been really good too because they got a really cool play center that looks like a bus! It is bigger than my chair in the living room. Santa's elves must have had a good time putting that together - ha ha ha!

Daddy got a new tool chest for the garage and a Corn Hold game for the yard thanks to Mr. Daniel at his office for building them! Mommy got a double grill pan and hot chocolate from her favorite store - William Sonoma and some new crocs with sheerling lining.

Later, everyone came to our house for an early dinner. This year I took on the Christmas Day tradition. When my Mom was growing up, her Mom always had dinner on Christmas Day, until my parents had me ( I am the oldest grandchild of 5), then it was passed on to my Mom. Now I have taken the reins and really had fun preparing everything. As always, I did not do it alone, everyone participated in the day!

December 29 - Open House for the Extended Family. More to come Helena just woke up - Bad Dream! I guess we will be having a "Slumber Party" in her room tonight!