March 30, 2008

Some Mommy and Me Time

I have to say that everyday Helena amazes me with something - weather it be a new word used correctly, a new song or dance learned in school, or sometimes the sassyness just floors me!!! But tonight as I am checking e-mails, catching up on blogs, and doing some last minute cookbook things, she is drawing on her easel next to me.

She told me she had some work to do, so she would do it in here with me - the part of this that I love the most is the pictures she is drawing - a hoarse, a girl in a dress, a butterfly - and all of them are clearly what they are supposed to be!! No more guessing what the array of circles and lines are - she is doing really well!!! Now this is not the first time she has done this, she is 4.5, however looking at Parker, Preston and Peyton's current artwork I remember the drawings of the past!!!

For those of you who have never been through the "Look at my drawing! Guess what it is!" game - one day you will understand. Your little one or ones will walk up to you with their shoulders back, chin held high, looking like they just conquered the world and will ask the above mentioned questions. When you reply with the wrong answer, usually several times in a row before being told in a not-so-nice tone what it really is - you will live for the day the lines and circles represent a true picture and the side of your brain that tries to decipher the abstract art will be able to rest!

However when you look back - these are one of the things you will miss and realize that the true life drawings also mean your little girl is growing up - faster and faster than you can sometimes imagine!

Rite of Passage - Helena

This weekend was a big one for Helena - she went to her very first sleepover party! It was for her cousin Victoria who turned 6. Aunt Melissa and I took 5 little ladies to see Alvin and the Chipmunks in the afternoon, then there was pizza, cake and ice-cream, pillow case decorating and some games! I think the girls finally went down around 10:00 (according to Aunt Melissa, I left after the movie and got to sleep in my own bed without one little Miss crawling in during the night!!!)

March 26, 2008

Only On the Eastern Shore

.....can your wife call you at work (plowing the field in your John Deere) and remind you via cell phone to stop and get milk on your way home from work. Since you are passing the Food Lion on your way back to the house, you just swing the old JD in and park it in the back of the lot!!!

The kids were fascinated when we went to get a few items from Food Lion yesterday and when we pulled in, there it was parked in the parking lot. Helena was ready to take a ride!

March 18, 2008

I felt just like Norm on Cheers!

This past Sunday morning, after I made homemade spaghetti sauce and put it in the crock pot, I ended up in the ER. After making the sauce I lazily put the tomato cans in the trash instead of recycle and ended up slicing my middle finger on my right hand - so Chester River here I come!! When I walked in for triage the nurse said to me "You look familiar, you've been here before haven't you?"

My response - "Yes, in August for a 2 night stay with 2 of the triplets, November for an URI with Parker, January for stitches for Helena, February for an URI with Preston and March here I am!" I am checking into the frequent flyer plan at this point or just opening up my own Nighttime Pediatrics!!

Only on the Eastern Shore...

... can you be late for a meeting because there were 10 (yes I counted them while waiting 5 minutes) turkeys in the middle of the road blocking traffic. Who knew it was mating season??? Apparently everyone but me. And can I tell you, I think one of them told me off when I tapped my horn to get them to move.

March 12, 2008

Who Defines Work?

What exactly does it mean when someone (total stranger) sees you with your 4 kids (under 5) and asks you "Do you work?" or says "You don't work, do you?"!?!?!? UMMMM...what exactly do you define as work? Do I leave the house everyday and get in my minivan to go to an office and get a paycheck at the end of the week? NO! Do I get up everyday and clock in as soon as somebody wakes up? YES! Do I get a good breakfast on the table, everyone dressed, Helena ready for school, homework done, playtime in, lunch on the table by 11:00 before the bus at noon, triplets down for nap, laundry done and folded, dinner started, snack after nap, playtime in/songs and music, make necessary calls and appointments, etc., etc., etc. done - YES - I do WORK - (the nanny has the day off)!!!

Do they really want me to go into my mantra of the top 10 things not to say to a Stay at Home Mom of 4? If people would just think about what they say we (stay at home MoMS) would not have the following list!!!

My favorites, in no particular order:

- Are they all yours? (No picked one up in the produce department, buy 3 get 1 free!)
- Did you use fertility? (And do I know you?)
- Was it expensive? (Again, do I know you?)
- Are they triplets? (No, I just got a deal on the same outfit, so I went with it!)
- Do you work? (Don't even get me started!!!)
- Better you than me (apparently God thought so too!)
- How do you do it, I can barely handle 1! (New Mom, so I give her some slack!)
- How do you afford it? ( Once Again, Do I know you?)
- You must have been huge - (looking at my belly the entire sentence!)
- You poor thing, I feel sorry for you? (What, What did you just say to me? I am blessed with
4 children - and one angel! Thank you very much!)

OK - now I feel better!! Venting is good!!!

March 11, 2008

Save the Date

Just a reminder to everyone to save the date - April 5, 2008 from 3-6, 6-9 and 9-12 the Discovery Health Channel will be airing Baby Madness! Keep a look out for my little Stars! I cannot wait to see which home video they will be using......

Rite of Passage - Peyton

This weekend brought on yet another "big boy" moment in our house.

Saturday night we moved our clocks forward before bed, so when I heard Preston scream at 6:30 am I almost forgot that my body was working on 5:30 am instead. It was not the usual, "I am up come get me" yell, it sounded like something was wrong. As I opened the door to their room, Preston had gone back under his blanket, but Parker was staring me in the face. So Parker and I went down to get some milk for everyone and my goal was to put everyone, including me, back to bed!

As Parker and I are walking down the hall to their room, Peyton passes me in the hallway!!! My first reaction was - " What the @#$%, I am not seeing this!?!?"....but I was. So now we know Peyton can escape at will from the crib.

Friday night I was just saying to the girls that we are pretty lucky and no one has ever tried to climb out of their crib, including Helena. Yes, I spoke tooooo soon. So now Jason and I had the great debate and we decided to convert his bed to a toddler bed with a side. Off to Babies "R" Us we go, because I did not buy any bed sides at the yard sale on Saturday.

So now we have Peyton in a toddler bed, a special lock on the boys bathroom door and yet one more security measure on the toilet itself in the event he makes it in the bathroom. There is a gate at the door to their room and one more in the hallway! So far so good, 2 days in a row Peyton had been in his bed when I go to bed and has been there when I woke up - I have heard little footsteps during the night only once, so not bad! We will see what the rest of the week brings!!!

March 3, 2008

Blogging Slacker....That's Me!!

Yes, I know I have been slacking on the family updates, so here is a quick recap of the last few weeks and I will be caught up with you all so we can start new with the fun stuff.....

Feb 14th - Valentines Day - We had a really nice family dinner and exchanged Valentines after having homemade cheesecake for dessert.

Feb 15th - Get call from MIL that she is really sick (actually had The FLU), need to find backup sitter for date night tomorrow. Luckily Big Denise is the epitome of a Big Sister and saves the date night.

Feb 16th - Go to see Larry the Cable Guy with cousins Molly, Brian, Walt and Melissa. Had a blast and laughed my A** off - he is a total nut and I cannot go to WalMart without laughing the entire trip. Go have dinner (and a glass of wine) afterwards. Get home around 11:00 p.m. - Preston is up with breathing issues. So glad I had the wine!!

Feb 17th - 12:30 am arrive at ER, 4:30 am leave ER, 5:00 am go to bed. Neb, neb, neb and neb a little more. Parker was feeling left out, so he joined in the fun as well. Neb every 3 hours throughout the night.

Feb 18th - My Birthday - Need to cancel drywall repairs first thing in the morning and hopefully can reschedule ASAP! Arrive at Dr.'s office with 4 kids at 11:45 am for an appt. they squeezed me in for. 12:45 finally see Dr. K after going through all of my snacks and juice that I have brought. Usually nap time begins at 12 noon.....need I say more. By the end of the appt. I am in tears and we leave at 1:30pm after I ask Dr. K if he will ever let me back in the office again!!

MOMs club party that night - everyone was so sweet and thank you again for the cards and presents, it was really sweet of all of you!!

Feb 19th - After having a really bad weekend and basically crappy birthday day, husband has to go to bb game with clients from work. I now look like football player with black smudges under my eyes because of the pretty dark circles. 6:30 pm I find some copies of recipes for church cookbook and need to run them to meeting I am missing due to bb game....Helena told everyone she got to go to a meeting with me and meet all of the Ladies - she liked out little adventure! (not to mention the box of Munchkins she was bribed with- not one of my better parenting moments!!!)

Feb 20th - Jason brings home a cake and I finally get to open my presents from him and the kids - notice date....He got me a great new camera, a cake from Girards (awesome French Bakery) and a new CD from the kids.

Feb 24th - Day trip to OC. Had alot of fun - lunch at Dough Roller - a couple games of ski-ball at Marty's (pictures of the kids coming soon - still learning to use new camera)- a trip to see the ponies - topped off with a Root Beer Float from Dumsers....not a bad day!!

Feb 25-26th - Drywall work is done, painters scheduled for Saturday - YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!