June 13, 2009

Strawberry Picking

Yesterday we went strawberry picking at Godfrey's Farm. This is the second year in a row that AMOM has done this and followed it with a picnic at Church Hill Park. I frequent Lisa's farm stand at least 3 times a week for the freshest produce you can find, she is a great person and MOM of twin girls to boot!

Helena is still in school, so she did not get to go this time, but we got a special treat because our cousins Kristen (Parker and Preston's Godmother) and Angie came along with us. The boys loved it because they had one on one time with somebody for the tractor ride and picking! I think Peyton eats more than we actually carry out in the pint, but I have to say he is a very particular berry picker (now)....only the "bright red berries" for him! He was partnered with Angie and I think he was giving her lessons on his technique...hahaha Parker was picking with Kristen and was doing great talking to her as well, she is so great with my kids, we are lucky to have her as part of their lives! I had Preston, he likes to find the really small ones that he can just pop into his mouth without biting, but he soon left me for Angie, then Parker was done and wanted to walk, so Peyton went with Kristen......again, one on one, what is a Mom to do when she can actually look after one at a time !?!?!?!?!

A little back story....2 weeks ago while visiting Godfrey's I got my friends Robin and Jenny some berries and delivered them on the way home. I am not sure exactly when it started, but Peyton has a huge crush on Ms. Jenny and he was very excited about dropping off her berries. When we got to her farm, he was asleep and did not actually get to do the delivery and apparently did not realize that the delivery was made because ......the next morning when I got our berries out he told me "No Mommy, they for Jenny!" After some debate I was allowed to make smoothies!

So while Kristen was picking with Peyton, he picked an extra pint for his girl Jenny and made sure we delivered them on the way home! He specifically told all of us that those were "berries for Jenny"! You see he ate most of his pint on the way home.....

Thanks again Kristen and Angie for spending the day with us, we hope you had as much fun as we did!

June 12, 2009

Gymnastics Diva with a Capital D

When we enrolled Helena is gymnastics 3 years ago we did not do it with the intention of her becoming the next Mary Lou Retton, however she has actually showed some real potential over the last 3 years. Before we moved, she was on the "mini team" at Docksiders and was doing quite well considering she was the youngest of the group!

Now we go to Island Gymnastics on KI. It is much smaller, but it is only her and one other little girl (who is 8) in her class, so the one on one allows for little downtime in between instruction.

Wednesday night was her end of year show and I have to say she brought tears to my eyes....my baby did a routine on the full size balance beam, no help, no fall! She just got up there like she owned it and did her thing!!!!

She was really nervous about memorizing the routine because they handed it out written on a piece of paper. The teacher asked the girls if they could read and of course she said YES, because she can.....just not words like "hitch kick" and "dismount" into a tuck. So Daddy and I practiced with her on the railroad ties around the playground. She even did her forward roll out there (which she did with very, very little spotting at the show)!

I have it recorded along with her trampoline and vault jumps (as soon as I find my camera cable I will post pics too)...she is Fearless when it comes to this and gives it all she has.....except when she has to wait in line with 17 girls for her turn to do her floor routine...then she is laying on the mat, kicking her feet in the air, doing what looks like pilates and making faces at me because I am telepathically threatening her for acting like a nut!

I love her to death and would expect no less from a daughter of mine....attitude and all!
(Someone once told me I was the over achiever of the group growing up...mmmmmmmmmmm?)

June 10, 2009

Potty Training.....and other stuff!

All I am going to say it that it is going gr@@t! If I actually say it, I know I will jinx myself and things will go downhill quickly! Yesterday we only had 1 accident all day long! YEAH Boys! I mean if they want to run around with underweres on (as Peyton would say), who am I to tell them that they should not wear an extra pair on their head! (Always best to be prepared)

Also, I was sooooo proud of Helena, she did her balance beam routine 5 times for practice without any help - totally memorized! We will she how she does in class!

June 8, 2009

One Thing

Here is one thing I love about everyone in my house this past week....

Jason - detailed my van....just because and brought me Panera for dinner one night...yum
Helena - did a good job on her "can do" at school and now has her balance beam routine memorized
Parker - is using so many words I cannot believe it is the same little man
Preston - this boy spends more time in "time out", but I love his tenacity while being honery and the sideways look he give you with a huge smile
Peyton - he is fascinated with the car wash and now calls the Playschool Barn his car wash because he can push the cars through the front and back door
Brittany - she is an old pup, but can snore louder than Jason at night

Let's see what this week brings!

Multi-Tasking at its Best

Today was one of those days that only a Mom could have pulled off.....

8:15 - Helena got on bus to go to school
9:00 - Headed to Lauri's for an AMOM Budget meeting with the boys
9:15 - stopped at Kent Narrows so all boys could pee pee in the cup, because they just went before we left
10:30 - picked up coffee for Me and Nicole, fountain diet for Lauri at Einsteins, Vivian got her own at Starbucks!
10:40 - arrive at Lauri's for meeting which is actually a play date for (3) 5 year olds, (5) 3 year olds and (2) 2 year olds while me, Lauri, Vivian and Nicole have a budget meeting.... while Lauri highlight my hair.
12:45 - with newly highlighted hair, budget meeting is over and very productive while Lauri's house looks like a cyclone went through it
1:00 - cyclone is gone as MOMs cleanup in record time with lightning speed! Nicole heads home to meet school bus
1:30 - lunch for 6 kids and 2 Mommy's is on the table while 2 Mommy's contemplate trip to Kohl's after eating said sandwich
2:00 - trip to Kohl's is put on hold so I can make sure I am home before the bus to get Helena and we say our Goodbye's to the Millers!
2:03 - Parker, Preston and Peyton are snoring in van on way home, I am jealous I cannot join in the fun!
3:00 - arrive home with sleeping angels who wake up the minute I open the garage door and beg to play outside in the water....thank you Aunt Molly for the triple slip-n-slide!....until Helena comes home....so we do!

June 2, 2009

Blogging...making the time

As I am sitting here in total quiet, crazy I know, I realize that the last few months have been a crazy, crazy time for our family.

In April we had the following - Dad E. Birthday, Walt and Danielle's Wedding (Preston was ring bearer), Mom E Birthday, Big D Birthday, MAPOM Convention and Easter was in the mix.
In May we had Parker, Preston and Peyton's 3rd Birthday (Thomas the Train), Uncle Dan Birthday, Mothers Day, Memorial holiday weekend and now we are into June! Not to mention the daily and weekly craziness of our schedules......Whew.....where did the time go!?!?!?!?!

I will take some time after this post to really write about the boys 3rd Birthday party because it definitely deserves it's own .....lots of craziness now that they are 3. Which leads me to blogging again, I will never remember all of the crazy, nutty, fun, havoc, honery things that my children do so I really just need to make time again to get it down!

You see right now it is 10:29 and Helena just snuck into the room and told me that the reason she was not asleep yet was because I did not give her "another" hug and kiss.....she is a mess to say the least! One day she will be the top negotiator for some big company and maybe the free world as we know it!!! Look out Sarah Palin, Helena Smith is growing up fast!

So I am making a promise to try and tell one thing about our family each day so I won't ever forget all of the things that happen in my crazy life......you see it is my life and although it is crazy, the economy is in the tank and things could be easier, I get at least 4 sets of hugs and kisses at night, 3 "Great Adventures" and 1 "Sweet Dreams Only". I get to watch Helena go to school like a big girl everyday while her brothers wave her on. I get to watch how excited they get when they see the bus at the end of the day and give her a big "group hug" to welcome her home. I get to watch my boys play together and apart, just to play together again after battling it out over the only orange truck we have....because there are only 157 other trucks in the house!I get to see my husband come home after working so hard (most days...) and rally the troops to go to the playground and have an ice cream treat.

Keep an eye out....more fun is on the way!

March 10, 2009

Potty Talk!

As many of you may know, we are in the trenches of potty training and I have to say we are doing really, really AWESOME! All three have really taken to wearing "underweres" as soon as they take their morning constitutional! (Typical Men!) Pull-ups are only on at nap (if they stay on) and nighttime (no issues there!).

Parker, Preston and Peyton have devised several tips for future potty trainees and I thought I should share them with you....

- if you are looking for a good time, just put the end of the toilet paper roll into the toilet and flush....depending on your brand, it will swirl forever (*Note....if coming to my house, the powder room does not have any TP in site, so make sure you request it before entering)

- if your brothers won't let you around the bowl and you really have to go....use a dust pan (Parker thought of this one all on his own) and empty into the bowl when the brothers are done

- if you are having a hard time deciding between dinosaurs, Thomas and blue camo, just wear them all in your favorite order...Mom really doesn't mind doing more laundry

- if you really don't want to take a nap, keep telling Mom you have to pee, pee....she feels guilty not letting you go because she is not sure (at first) if you really have to or just stalling and then get your brothers on the band wagon...this could go on for 20 minutes

On to Number 2, yes, the Number 2....we have not perfected this part of potty training yet, but we are getting close....each one has had their day, but not the constant we have for Number 1. So we are still working on this, but I have to tell you that the old Number 2 has come into "play" lately and I realize that we are not the only one.....

You see, when Published Authors blog about their kids making murals out of self produced mediums, I do not feel so bad about my boys experimenting as well! I do not like it or condone it one bit, and if would happen again I would go nuts....but I have to say.....many of my dear, close friends have experienced some artwork as well. This is the stuff that binds you through time.....when you can call a person up and cry because you have to steam clean carpet or scrub toys and walls in the name of ART. When I talk to Lauri and say....Guess what happened today, she (mom of 3 boys) says right away "Does it have to do with boogers or poop?" At least she understands and has been there! It happens more than you think, so remember you are not alone.

So for all of you brave souls out there potty training - keep up the good work, being consistent and M&M's is the key! I don't know if we would be where we are today without those little chocolate candies....but shhhhhhhh....don't tell Dr. Collins, they have a cleaning in 2 weeks :)

March 9, 2009

Tuckahoe State Park

Saturday we ventured to one of the neatest parks ever....Tuckahoe State Park. They have a lake to fish, canoe or kayak...a hoarse back riding trail...a campground...several walking paths...and a playground made mostly from recycled tires. We are planning to take Helena on her first overnight camping trip there in the spring!

We headed for the playground and the kids had a blast! Climbing, running, jumping, sliding, more climbing, running, jumping, sliding, stick/rock throwing (into the lake, not at each other), etc.

While there we saw another family that was in the NICU with us at AAMC. Their twins were born a few days after our boys and were about 6 weeks early, but they are doing great! Nice to see and hear good things these days! They are in potty training mode as well, so we had a few tactics to discuss while trying to keep track of all the kiddos!

After 2 hours at the park, we headed home. On the way, I decided I needed an iced-coffee and over here on the shore you have 2 choices...Mc D's or Dunkin Donuts....so I went with Mc D's so Jason (who wanted nothing) could get an XXXXXL Sweet Tea. Now all the kids have conked out, except for Helena who hears us and immediately asks for nuggets and fries. So.....

I am turning into said parking lot when I respond to a question my husband has asked and brush the curb with the back tire, passenger side. He replies, barely audible....J**** C***** Denise!
So my backseat driver, replies, loudly...J**** C*****, Mommy! Jason goes to correct said behavior, but I cut him off with a stare and brush the other curb with my front drivers side tire! Awesome! NOT!

I do not condone what she repeated, I wanted him to admit to her that he should not have said it either! I was just trying to be a good Mom!!! And being a good Dad, while trying not to laugh to hard he did correct everyone!

So now, everyone is up and notices that we are in the coveted Golden Arches drive thru and the crowd goes WILD! It was like being at a Maryland Game, but instead of Go Maryland! it was Yeah! Chicken Nuggets! My goodness, it had been a whole 2 hours since their last snack and 20 minutes since there last juice fix....what was I thinking trying to get home. So I caved, and we fixed everyone up with a snack of 2 nuggets and some fries. They ate it all!

Later that night, I had a craving for a good cheese steak, and since I take Saturday night off in the kitchen, we ordered from Carletto in Sudlersville. This place has the best homemade food, their spaghetti with meat sauce rivals Sabatinos any day. So I order a large (18") sub for me and Jason to split, a large cheese pizza for the kids (knowing there would be leftovers for breakfast or lunch tomorrow) and an order of fries.

We sit down to eat and when all is said and done....Parker and Preston ate 1 and 1/2 slices of pizza each, Peyton ate 2 slices, Helena had a slice and half of Jason's sub, Jason had the other half and a slice, I had my half of sub and we split the fries....there was only 1 piece of pizza left in the box when I was cleaning up! So much for leftover cold pizza for breakfast.....

March 2, 2009

Snow Day - My Love/Hate Relationship

As a kid I could not wait until the radio announcer said......"Baltimore County Schools Closed for Snow!" What more could a kid ask for.....no school, awesome! Now as a parent in 2009, I wait for the e-mail, saying "QA County Schools Closed for Snow!" and I have a love/hate relationship with it. Jason left the house at 3:00 pm on Sunday and got home today at 7:00 pm (no sleep in 36 hours). So his love hate relationship is a little different than mine......

I love to watch Helena's face when she wakes up and sees a blanket of white in our yard. She is a big fan of the snow angel, so the first thing after breakfast is....."Mommy when can we go outside?" The boys love the 'no as well. They look out the window and get just as excited, but not really knowing why, just yet.

Since the blanket of white began last night, everyone in our house, including me, was waiting for today so we could go out and play. So just before lunch we start out 40 minute ritual of getting ready....

3 new pull-ups - check
4 new sweatsuits - check
4 pair of woolly socks - check
3 sets of snow bibs - check
1 pair of snow pants - check
4 coats - check
....now someone has a poopy diaper.....
1 new diaper - check
1 redressed kid - check
4 sets of boots - check
4 hats, scarves and set of mittens - check
.....now Helena has to go......
1 redressed kid - check
1 dressed Mommy with camera - check

so out the door we go........until.....

30 seconds later Parker takes off his mittens and falls into the snow....he lets out a scream that was probably heard in Baltimore and wants to come inside...10 minutes after that Peyton is mad he cannot ride his car on the driveway because the snow is too deep and he wants to come inside....Preston and Helena (after making her famous snow angel) are shoveling the sidewalk and having a blast!

Mommy is redressing Parker who is mad that I won't take him immediately inside and Peyton is refusing to play with anything except the stuck Cozy Coupe. Preston and Helena are still shoveling the sidewalk and having a blast!

I see a pattern here!

Mommy starts to shovel with Helena and Preston, but notices that Parker and Peyton are snow covered and going into the house. Mommy stops assisting in the fun to undress the 2 party poopers before they make it into the living room. Helena and Preston....still having a blast!

Thank goodness for Thomas the Train......Mommy puts said party poopers in living room to watch a show while finishing the front steps with Preston and Helena.....

Now it is time for lunch, and I do said dressing ritual in reverse order and begin to prepare spaghetti lunch.....WOW! That was FUN!

March 1, 2009

Crazy Busy.....Definition of My Life

OK, so things have been really crazy around the house the last week for the following reasons -

1. I have 4 kids 5 years old and under, plus a big one age 35....controlled chaos at it's best! Who am I kidding....some days I have no control :)
2. I am potty training 3 of them, it is going really, really well, but persistence is the key here!
3. I was getting ready for the AMOM Yard Sale and tagging, tagging, tagging.
4. Helena had a fever on Wednesday, the beginning of the bug that is going around.
5. 4 out of 6 of us had a "bug" Thursday and Friday.
6. Friday and Saturday were the Yard Sale, HUGH SUCCESS by the way!!
7. Friday, after 20 hours of work, Jason's Slide Show (Pops Birthday Present from Us) did not work, but thanks to Jimmy Miller and several more hours of hard work on his part, our a**es were saved and the present was a huge success!!!
8. Life in General - in the end I would not change a thing....the reality is I would not know what to do if I did not have 4 munchkins keeping me on my toes 24/7, how boring life would be without my sons constantly conspiring against me and a 5 year old princess thinking she going to take over my job as "the boss" instead of being my "second in command".... I love them to pieces.....and the big one...YEAH... I love him too, even though he can make me just as crazy as the 4 little ones!!

and the list could go on and on .......and that is why I have been a blogging slacker! No worries though, it is snowing its buns off outside, I am talking inches and I am sure I will have some fun stuff to talk about after our Snow Day tomorrow!!!

February 17, 2009

It must Be my Birthday! CAKE LOVE

Everyone who really knows me, knows that the week preceding my birthday is usually full of hellish things and does not make for a fun "Me Day".

It all started around my 17th birthday when my Grandmother went into the hospital and has gone down hill from there......last year Parker, Preston and Peyton had an URI and Helena was not feeling well either. So when I took them to the Dr's. on my b-day, after being sleep deprived for 2 days, they all broke out into a chorus of tears and I had a meltdown in Dr. K's office. I was convinced that he was never going to let us come back again! After he hugged me and told me it was going to be OK, the rest of my day was.....I attended a MOMs meeting and had some downtime with some awesome friends. **note....my husband did not decide to celebrate my day until 2 days later, but that is another blog in itself.....

So this year was no exception to the drama that precedes my day! Last Thursday, Parker and Preston get into a wrestling match and Parker ends up with 5 stitches in the cheek. Luckily, Jenny was home so she could watch Preston and Peyton, and I was able to just take Parker to the ER. We were in and out in 1 hour and 15 minutes...awesome!

Then the week starts looking up....

Saturday - we got to go out to dinner on Valentines Day to a local Italian place that makes everything homemade...awesome!
Sunday - bridal shower and MOMs club fundraising meeting....both went extremely well and were productive, not to mention all of the yummy food (esp. the banana pudding at RHB!)
Monday - school holiday and MOMs New Member Celebration.....Helena made me a great picture on her day off and the Celebration was awesome thanks to all of the hard work Kate put into it...plus, some more yummy food!

Then we had today....Parker got his stitches out today and bless his heart he was a trooper. He just sat on my lap and let the Dr. do his thing! It looks good, but we still have to be careful - easier said than done around here!!

Then there was tonight....Jason really came through this year....he is close to Rock Star status on this one....

Since I have to work tomorrow (my actual birthday) he brought home cupcakes from Cake Love! For those of you who don't know Cake Love is owned by Warren Brown, he has a show on Food TV.... OMG I could just marry him all over again! I had the most wonderful cupcake-chocolate with mocha butter cream icing - YUM! Plus, I still have 5 more of different flavors left to try!Then I was presented with my present....from Bass Pro!
Yes, I know what you are thinking, we now live on the shore and I have to admit, his Christmas present came from there, but I got the best pair of muck boots ever....blue polka dotted ones! Now when we trek to the creek, I won't have wet feet!

So I am thinking that 2009 is the year of the turn around.....things are looking up!

February 10, 2009

Mother Duck and her Ducklings

So today I decided we were going to go to Kohl's to get a present for this weekends bridal shower. I already knew I wanted to get an awesome Belgian Waffle maker so I could pass along one of our families favorite breakfast traditions, homemade waffles.............yum!!!! We use a recipe from my Great-Grandmother and I have loved this breakfast treat since I was little like Helena.

We load up in the stroller and head into Kohl's. All is going well until the boys all decide to get out of the stroller, within a 15 second time period of each other. OK, keep cool, we can do this......right?!?!?

So I turn on my best Mother Duck and we start to march toward the appliance section of the store. All is going well with my little ducklings, all in a row behind me. I go and pick up the waffle iron and put it in the stroller and we proceed to march to the checkout......keeping my cool right.....so far, so good! When I notice Peyton is falling behind, now this is not that unusual because he like to take it all in when on a walk, but today there was a different reason.......he was carrying a blender! A quite nice Kitchen-Aid I must admit. When I tried to take it away, he insisted on carrying it, so I decided to pick my battles and move along. Bless his heart, he carried it all the way to the checkout. Now his brothers, Frick and Frack, thought it would be fun to run toward the women's dressing room, until a woman walked out and scared the bejeezus out of them.

So we are checking out and I request that the blender not be rung up when the very nice associate said to me ...."I don't know if you realize this or not, but your son has a dish towel shoved in his coat." Terrific, just what I need, to get busted for trying to steal the ugliest dishtowel on the planet (cats, fish and hearts...ugh) by shoving it in my sons coat!!!!!!! Luckily the associate is a Mom too and totally thought if was funny.....Thank Goodness for the universal understanding among Mothers!

Now when we got to the van and 2 out of 3 decided to boycott getting into their seats by screaming NOOOOO.....at the top of their lungs....with several people looking on......I decided that their was a reward in my future! So off to my favorite place for my favorite lunch, a Starbucks Mocha Latte (today it had extra whip)!

February 5, 2009

Another Target Adventure

So today I decided to do my weekly Target run. So I packed up the boys, delivered a meal to a new Mom from church, swung through Mc Donalds for the boys weekly treat - today it was fries, and headed to Target.

Behavior during our weekly trips has been a crap shoot lately. On Monday, I had to run in and look for a lamp for Helena's bedroom and my sons acted like a bunch of Baboon's who hadn't been out of their cage in months. So needless to say we did not get anything.

Today, was a good day, except .........

I parked strategically near a cart return where a 3 seater cart was waiting. I went to get the cart, parked it behind my van and began to put the boys shoes back on. A few minutes later, when I looked up, my cart was going across the parking area. No, not by itself, but being pushed by a woman with a 4 year old singleton and her mother. As I call "Excuse me, Excuse me, you took my cart" they proceeded to ignore me and continue into the store! OH NO She did NOT, but yes she did!

So I proceeded to go get 2 carts and go inside. While there, they noticed me and of course, the bad angel took over, so I gave them "the look". You see, in order to have taken my cart she would have had to see the "Got Triplets" sticker on the back of the van. So grandma knew it was me! Now why am I so mad you may ask? For me it is a matter of principle.....4 year old singleton vs. 2 1/2 year old triplets....and not even asking if I was done with the cart.....no brainer!

So the bad angel did not win in the end, because I did not go up to them and tell them exactly what I was thinking, however we did cross paths several more times in the store and I did give them "the look", nothing more. But for everyone out there with and without multiples I have some advice for you...............

1) never steal a cart from someone else without asking if they are finished
2) remember, if the MOM is shopping with multiples, she has to be a little crazy to begin with, so give her a break!

OH, and the boys were so well behaved, that one of the employees commented on how "good" they were!

February 3, 2009

Day Out With Dad!

This past Sunday was a beautiful day, so Jason decided to take the boys out for a little adventure to the creek. All of my little men put on their camo pants and muck boots and headed out with Dad. As soon as they left, I anticipated what treasures the triplets would bring back!

So after an hour and half, all of my boys returned for lunch, treasures in hand. Never did I think I would see the day that my sons returned from a hike with rocks and "eastern shore whistles" (spent shotgun shells, the boys thought they were goose callers) in hand. Apparently, they traveled along the creek, to the deer stand and over to the duck blinds. I can only imagine what future adventures will bring!

I have to say after a huge lunch, the boys crashed for a long, long nap.

In the future, I anticipate the boys and even Helena wanting to go hunting. (At Christmas we were in Bass Pro in the camo section and Helena said "Mommy, Look at all of this cool stuff!) It is a way of life here on the shore, where many kids go hunting with their Dads. It is something they grow up with and I have to admit a deer roast sounds pretty good right about now! Lucky for us, the boys Godfathers are seasoned hunters and have offered to give me a lesson on shooting this year. I will keep you posted on my progress!


So I am now on Facebook, and I have to say it has been alot of fun finding people from my old neighborhood, elementary school, high school and dance classes. So my husband Jason is on Facebook as well, and here a funny little story in reference to him.......

One day he says to me.....

J "I started a Facebook page."
D "That is great, who are your friends?"
J "I only have 3 people as my friends. Shelia (his old girlfriend), Lori (his brothers old girlfriend) and Robin (an old friend from the neighborhood).
D "And why have you not frineded me, your wife?"
J "Because you are already my friend and I live with you and see you everyday (while rolling his eyes)!

He has not been on his page in weeks, so Meredith, don't take it personally that he has not friended you either!

February 1, 2009

New Year, New Adventures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, so I have been the worst, and I mean worst BLOGGER in the world since August! UGH, with Helena is school full time, the triplets being 2 (yeah, I know), working 2 nights a week, and LIFE IN GENERAL........I put blogging on the back burner!

So I am back and it is a new year and here we go!

This account of an evening out with my new friend Jenny was posted on her blog and it was just tooo good not to use, I don't think I could have written it any better!

From the Blog....Life with Jenny

So, I decided to go out with my friend Denise.Someone that understands me. She has 4 kids under the age of 5. Yup, that is what she told the police officer on the phone when we hit the 12' deer. Well, maybe not 12'. ok,10'? (The officer asked if her husband could come and check out her van....at 10:00 pm)

It was a good thing that she was driving her Mommy Tractor Trailer (m.van) and driving at a responsible speed when we hit the Woolly Mammoth. If I was driving we would have ended up with free fur coats (please don't tell PETA...).

We just wanted to get away. Just wanted to go one place where we didn't hear whining ,smell one diaper, no one to follow/find, or even listen to. We wanted to be free.

As soon as we hit the deer we both called our husbands. And to be fair they were worried. WORRIED that we killed a deer and took it away from the hunters.

Jason and Randy "What was it?".
Denise and Jenny "A DEER?".
Jason and Randy "Was it a buck?".
Denise and Jenny "Are ya friggin' kidding me?"."Yeah, I, the mother of your children am ok.".

So, the sad part is that we were both content sitting there waiting for the state trooper THAT NEVER CAME... waiting for her car to explode on the side of the road where no one even stopped to see if the too crazy ladies that were sitting in front of a steaming deer with there blinkers on were ok. But we didn't care. it was another hour of freedom and we had a case of diapers, a brownie, chips, three cases of yogurt and ourselves to keep us warm and happy.

Last night I ended up with a pair of awesome striped day pants, legos for my Nathan and a dear friend (no pun intended, hee hee who am I kidding!).

****So my new friend Jenny is still my friend and had even let her youngest, Helena's BFF, travel with me to Port Discovery for the day! That is another post all in itself!