June 16, 2010

Baby A

Oh, my little Baby A......for those of you who know this little angel personally, or have heard the stories about him, the following comes as no surprise. For those of you who are meeting him for the first time....you will laugh in the end!

Typically A is the most dominant of the set, not in my house! My A likes to do things on his own terms....follow when it is convenient and lead when necessary to get what he wants, or make me crazy!!

For Example:
* He was the last to eat in the NICU, why do it on your own when there is that nifty tube that will put it right in my tummy?
* He was the last to crawl, why do it when you can roll?
* He was the last to walk, seriously....crawling is soooo much faster and easier, plus I can get to the toy before the other 2 stumble there!
* He was the last to start talking, look if Peyton wants to be the spokesperson, I'll just reap the benefit of the juice, snack, food thing....why talk when he will do it for me!

Do you see the pattern here?? The best part of this is that he could do all of he previous, but made the choice not to!

* After 18 months of speech therapy (which by the way has brought him leaps and bounds to communicating) his 2 answers during his PreK eval were, "NO" and "I don't think so"....are you serious?!?!?!?!

* When you ask him for a red crayon, he will hand it to you, but if you ask him what color it is.....strawberry! Brown....chocolate, blue....sky, green.....grass.......can you sense my frustration here??

Although he is "stubborn" and likes to do things his own way, to say the least.......he can be my littlest sweetheart! Every night before bed, he give me 2 hugs and a kiss. Spiderman is his favorite superhero, but he has never seen a cartoon or movie. He is fascinated by anything that has wheels, especially if it is painted John Deere Green! This is his favorite time of the year, because the combines are starting in the wheat fields and he will just watch them with fascination. He loves to eat, especially peanut butter sandwiches, but he is much small then his brothers ( I think that is because he is always running from me!). He likes to play soccer and can run pretty fast. He loves the beach, the sand and water. He likes to walk in the woods and find me treasures (mostly one that have legs and want to be kissed by a princess). My favorite....he will sneak down every morning and snuggle in my bed after Jason leaves for work, just for a cuddle and will go promptly go back to sleep!

So in the end, I do believe that this little man will be the one to send me on that mini vacation to the "spa" where they have white rooms (with padding), crisp white sheets (with a thread count of less than 200), meals served to you (on little trays with a spork) and lovely gardens (that are fenced in with alarms)......I do truly love him with all of my heart! This tenacity will be a trait that will serve him well later, just not when he is 4!

**As I am finishing this up, he just came looking for me. No one else is up, so we get to go have some Mommy-Parker time!

June 8, 2010

Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?

I found a book several summers back that was called "Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?" It was written by a mom in response to that very question asked by her daughter one summer day. This book is one of my favorites because it is about a little blond tomboy princess, who wears a daisy chain crown, flower skirts and hiking boots while looking for frogs.....sound familiar to anyone? This book is my Helena!

She will be 7 this month.....7! Where did the last 7 years go? She has grown up to be a sassy, smart, adorable little girl who I could not imagine life without. She is strong willed and definitely has her own opinions about how things should be done. She is a great big sister, bossy most of the time, but what big sister is not? (I think it is a privilege of status personally, right Uncle Dan!)

This year, on the first day of 1st grade, she was telling a story about the surfers we saw at the beach the previous weekend and when the kids at the table did not understand, she proceeded to give a demo and chair surf (during a lesson)! Needless to say, Ms. Sherwood, the student teacher. had a story about her first day like no one else in her class.....I think she may remember the little surfer girl for many years to come!

She was a cheerleader for the UQA Lions in the fall and did very well. It was fun to see her challenge herself and grow.

She has done so well in school that she is reading on a 3rd grade level at the end of 1st grade. So many nights I find her reading by the hall light or sneaking a book under her pillow. How do you argue with that? All of her report cards have been fantastic, better each quarter. However, she gets herself in trouble almost several times a week for talking....usually for giving directions to another student who has not done their work properly!

She still believes in Santa and the Tooth Fairy....I want to keep that as long as I can! She still has the innocence of childhood that I never want her to loose, although I know she will. She loves her brothers unconditionally, like only a sister can. She tells me she loves me whenever I leave the house, she is a Daddy's girl and although she makes me crazy at times.....I love her with all of my heart! She is my 586 shot baby after all!

June 7, 2010

I'm Back!!!!

Wow, I cannot believe it has been almost 1 year since I have blogged! So much has happened in that time, I will not be able to catch up all at once. To catch everyone up, I will be taking the time to post about each one of my little angels because each one definitely deserves the time! I will start with my Little Helena who will be turning 7 this month, my baby is not a baby anymore, followed up by a post about each one of my little men, who turned 4 in May. Along the way I will tell some of the best stories I can about our circus and believe me we have some to tell!

Who knew life with a husband, a strong willed daughter, triplet sons, a dog, a bunny and 5 fish would be so interesting. Trust me, there is no book out there that prepares you for the position of "ring leader" aka MOM! I have learned over the last year that if I put my faith in GOD to help me along the way, all things will work out. One of my favorite quotes is "We're not perfect, we're parents" and it is sooooo true. So I am signing off for tonight, but I will be back soon to update you on my Little Helena, my toothless Princess who wears her new dress while searching for tadpoles in our pond!