September 15, 2010

Our First Book Fair, Fundraiser and School Pictures

(OK, so I know I am slacking here on the first day of school pics for the triplets, but I am going to do this post first because Jason has the camera in his truck with all of the pictures so.......)

All in the a 10 day span, really....I am glad I started my new job!!!

Last week the PreK went to the book fair to pick out 2 books each that they would "like to buy" was our picks

Parker - Sponge Bob Soccer Star, Heavy Metal Mater
Preston - Horse & Pony Sticker Book, Sponge Bob Soccer Star
Peyton - World's Cutest Puppies, Heavy Metal Mater

(Does anyone else see a trend??)

Fundraisers, not so bad - everyone could use a little cookie dough, right - but I got 4 packets sent home - really, I am hoping this was a mistake because if not the Grandmoms are going to be stocked in cookie dough for a long, long time. Grandmom Cindy - it is a good thing UJ is back to help with the cause! Plus, for those family members not in the immediate area you can now order online and have the product shipped directly to you!

And finally, the school pictures. Luckily for us they now offer the family plan! Pay full price for the first two and the others are 50% off. OK, not so bad, but the least expensive package is $28.00, but I have to get their first school pictures - it is the sentimental MOM in me!

In the end it is OK, I love the fact that they want books and the fundraiser helps the RIF program the PTA does (each student receives one book each month of the school year) and school pictures are really a right of passage in some ways. I mean don't we all look back at those first ones and say "What was my MOM thinking when she dressed me in that?"

September 9, 2010

Walking with the Grizzly's

Last night was a fairly easy night at work, so I was home earlier than usual (no sugar cookies to decorate.....sorry Jenny)...around 11:30 pm. When I came in Jason was not in bed, so I went on a hunt for my husband.

*not in front of the tv in the family room
*not in front of the tv downstairs
*not having a snack in the kitchen

so I headed upstairs

*not in the office on the computer
*not in Helena's room
****aha, he was sleeping on the floor beside Parker's bed.....someone must of had a bad dream.

So I gently shake his shoulder and this is what happened
D: "Hey what happened?"
J:"SHHH, I was walking with the grizzlies"
D:"What did you say?"
J: " I said I was walking with the grizzlys and I ended up here!"
D: "Ok then, I am going to go to bed and if you want to hear the alarm, you need to come to bed now."
J:" Is there bears?"

Then, before I woke the boys us from laughing I headed down and eventually my grizzly walker followed! This morning he had no recollection of the conversation!

September 6, 2010

The First Fort

Today the first official hideout was built in my backyard. At the top of our slide is a small area covered by a roof, this was the basecamp. I was sitting on the deck. watching them take small chairs up the steps and then a seat cushion to cover the opening to the slide..... so Mommy could not peek in from her vantage point.

A few minutes later Parker comes around the side of the house from the garage carrying my crab pot.
Mommy - "Parker, what is in the pot buddy?"
Parker - "Crickets Mommy, we just caught them!"
Mommy (under her breath) - "Awesome!"

3 minutes later

Peyton (running up the deck steps and talking in a whisper) - "Mommy, there's not crickets in your pot.....Parker took the milk from the frigerator!"

Peyton heads to the fort and tries to lift the milk over the cushion to reveal the actual loot, but is stopped by Parker halfway above the cushion!

3 minutes later

Preston (leaving the house with a rectangular bulge resembling the cereal box under his shirt) - "Don't worry Mommy, its just some crickets in here!"

So now I really feel the need to investigate what exactly is going on in said hideout........and half way there Parker notices my pending arrival and quickly closes the lid and says "Hey, what's the big idea....No Girls Allowed!"

Further investigation proved a harmless snack of dry cereal because the milk (it was only half of a half gallon) had already been passed around .....milk mustaches were worn by everyone!

Class Review

While going through Helena's folder, I found some practice papers....

Write words that begin with

Write words that begin with O.....outside...often...Oliver...ocktupuse...and...oringe

I have to say I was pretty impressed with the word choice (spelling included) :)
I cannot wait to see what the other vowels have to offer this week!
(side note - when I did a spell check on this post it said DONE SPELLCHECKING right away... hmmmmm)