June 13, 2009

Strawberry Picking

Yesterday we went strawberry picking at Godfrey's Farm. This is the second year in a row that AMOM has done this and followed it with a picnic at Church Hill Park. I frequent Lisa's farm stand at least 3 times a week for the freshest produce you can find, she is a great person and MOM of twin girls to boot!

Helena is still in school, so she did not get to go this time, but we got a special treat because our cousins Kristen (Parker and Preston's Godmother) and Angie came along with us. The boys loved it because they had one on one time with somebody for the tractor ride and picking! I think Peyton eats more than we actually carry out in the pint, but I have to say he is a very particular berry picker (now)....only the "bright red berries" for him! He was partnered with Angie and I think he was giving her lessons on his technique...hahaha Parker was picking with Kristen and was doing great talking to her as well, she is so great with my kids, we are lucky to have her as part of their lives! I had Preston, he likes to find the really small ones that he can just pop into his mouth without biting, but he soon left me for Angie, then Parker was done and wanted to walk, so Peyton went with Kristen......again, one on one, what is a Mom to do when she can actually look after one at a time !?!?!?!?!

A little back story....2 weeks ago while visiting Godfrey's I got my friends Robin and Jenny some berries and delivered them on the way home. I am not sure exactly when it started, but Peyton has a huge crush on Ms. Jenny and he was very excited about dropping off her berries. When we got to her farm, he was asleep and did not actually get to do the delivery and apparently did not realize that the delivery was made because ......the next morning when I got our berries out he told me "No Mommy, they for Jenny!" After some debate I was allowed to make smoothies!

So while Kristen was picking with Peyton, he picked an extra pint for his girl Jenny and made sure we delivered them on the way home! He specifically told all of us that those were "berries for Jenny"! You see he ate most of his pint on the way home.....

Thanks again Kristen and Angie for spending the day with us, we hope you had as much fun as we did!

June 12, 2009

Gymnastics Diva with a Capital D

When we enrolled Helena is gymnastics 3 years ago we did not do it with the intention of her becoming the next Mary Lou Retton, however she has actually showed some real potential over the last 3 years. Before we moved, she was on the "mini team" at Docksiders and was doing quite well considering she was the youngest of the group!

Now we go to Island Gymnastics on KI. It is much smaller, but it is only her and one other little girl (who is 8) in her class, so the one on one allows for little downtime in between instruction.

Wednesday night was her end of year show and I have to say she brought tears to my eyes....my baby did a routine on the full size balance beam, no help, no fall! She just got up there like she owned it and did her thing!!!!

She was really nervous about memorizing the routine because they handed it out written on a piece of paper. The teacher asked the girls if they could read and of course she said YES, because she can.....just not words like "hitch kick" and "dismount" into a tuck. So Daddy and I practiced with her on the railroad ties around the playground. She even did her forward roll out there (which she did with very, very little spotting at the show)!

I have it recorded along with her trampoline and vault jumps (as soon as I find my camera cable I will post pics too)...she is Fearless when it comes to this and gives it all she has.....except when she has to wait in line with 17 girls for her turn to do her floor routine...then she is laying on the mat, kicking her feet in the air, doing what looks like pilates and making faces at me because I am telepathically threatening her for acting like a nut!

I love her to death and would expect no less from a daughter of mine....attitude and all!
(Someone once told me I was the over achiever of the group growing up...mmmmmmmmmmm?)

June 10, 2009

Potty Training.....and other stuff!

All I am going to say it that it is going gr@@t! If I actually say it, I know I will jinx myself and things will go downhill quickly! Yesterday we only had 1 accident all day long! YEAH Boys! I mean if they want to run around with underweres on (as Peyton would say), who am I to tell them that they should not wear an extra pair on their head! (Always best to be prepared)

Also, I was sooooo proud of Helena, she did her balance beam routine 5 times for practice without any help - totally memorized! We will she how she does in class!

June 8, 2009

One Thing

Here is one thing I love about everyone in my house this past week....

Jason - detailed my van....just because and brought me Panera for dinner one night...yum
Helena - did a good job on her "can do" at school and now has her balance beam routine memorized
Parker - is using so many words I cannot believe it is the same little man
Preston - this boy spends more time in "time out", but I love his tenacity while being honery and the sideways look he give you with a huge smile
Peyton - he is fascinated with the car wash and now calls the Playschool Barn his car wash because he can push the cars through the front and back door
Brittany - she is an old pup, but can snore louder than Jason at night

Let's see what this week brings!

Multi-Tasking at its Best

Today was one of those days that only a Mom could have pulled off.....

8:15 - Helena got on bus to go to school
9:00 - Headed to Lauri's for an AMOM Budget meeting with the boys
9:15 - stopped at Kent Narrows so all boys could pee pee in the cup, because they just went before we left
10:30 - picked up coffee for Me and Nicole, fountain diet for Lauri at Einsteins, Vivian got her own at Starbucks!
10:40 - arrive at Lauri's for meeting which is actually a play date for (3) 5 year olds, (5) 3 year olds and (2) 2 year olds while me, Lauri, Vivian and Nicole have a budget meeting.... while Lauri highlight my hair.
12:45 - with newly highlighted hair, budget meeting is over and very productive while Lauri's house looks like a cyclone went through it
1:00 - cyclone is gone as MOMs cleanup in record time with lightning speed! Nicole heads home to meet school bus
1:30 - lunch for 6 kids and 2 Mommy's is on the table while 2 Mommy's contemplate trip to Kohl's after eating said sandwich
2:00 - trip to Kohl's is put on hold so I can make sure I am home before the bus to get Helena and we say our Goodbye's to the Millers!
2:03 - Parker, Preston and Peyton are snoring in van on way home, I am jealous I cannot join in the fun!
3:00 - arrive home with sleeping angels who wake up the minute I open the garage door and beg to play outside in the water....thank you Aunt Molly for the triple slip-n-slide!....until Helena comes home....so we do!

June 2, 2009

Blogging...making the time

As I am sitting here in total quiet, crazy I know, I realize that the last few months have been a crazy, crazy time for our family.

In April we had the following - Dad E. Birthday, Walt and Danielle's Wedding (Preston was ring bearer), Mom E Birthday, Big D Birthday, MAPOM Convention and Easter was in the mix.
In May we had Parker, Preston and Peyton's 3rd Birthday (Thomas the Train), Uncle Dan Birthday, Mothers Day, Memorial holiday weekend and now we are into June! Not to mention the daily and weekly craziness of our schedules......Whew.....where did the time go!?!?!?!?!

I will take some time after this post to really write about the boys 3rd Birthday party because it definitely deserves it's own .....lots of craziness now that they are 3. Which leads me to blogging again, I will never remember all of the crazy, nutty, fun, havoc, honery things that my children do so I really just need to make time again to get it down!

You see right now it is 10:29 and Helena just snuck into the room and told me that the reason she was not asleep yet was because I did not give her "another" hug and kiss.....she is a mess to say the least! One day she will be the top negotiator for some big company and maybe the free world as we know it!!! Look out Sarah Palin, Helena Smith is growing up fast!

So I am making a promise to try and tell one thing about our family each day so I won't ever forget all of the things that happen in my crazy life......you see it is my life and although it is crazy, the economy is in the tank and things could be easier, I get at least 4 sets of hugs and kisses at night, 3 "Great Adventures" and 1 "Sweet Dreams Only". I get to watch Helena go to school like a big girl everyday while her brothers wave her on. I get to watch how excited they get when they see the bus at the end of the day and give her a big "group hug" to welcome her home. I get to watch my boys play together and apart, just to play together again after battling it out over the only orange truck we have....because there are only 157 other trucks in the house!I get to see my husband come home after working so hard (most days...) and rally the troops to go to the playground and have an ice cream treat.

Keep an eye out....more fun is on the way!