August 30, 2010

Random things you NEVER thought you would say as a MOM of Triplet Sons

*Why are you lowering a laundry basket from the balcony with your sisters jump rope?
Reply: Silence from the 2 sons lowering the basket, 1 son who was the spotter.."Not me!"

*Who put the broom handle through the wall?
Reply from all 3 sons who were sitting on the sofa: Brittany (the 12 year old cocker spaniel) did it!

*Who let Buttercup out of her hutch?
Reply from Preston: Parker?
Mommy: Parker was sleeping
Preston: It must have been a mouse
Peyton: I think the balloon did it!

*Where are your pants?

*Please do not collect frogs in my new Tupperware!

*Hello, Guardian Alarm service, I need someone to come out tomorrow and put alarms on my sons bedroom windows....they can open them. How do I know, this morning blankets and trucks were falling from the sky while I was getting ready in my bedroom which is on the first floor, under their room!
Peyton would climb up onto the sill, undo the child safety locks and proceed to help the others lift the window just enough to throw out a matchbox truck. Since the alarm went off the next day, we have never had an issue!

*Please put the hammer back in Daddy's tool box and please show me where in the house you "fixed" the wall.

*Great Adventures Little Men! (what I tell them at bedtime)
Response: Mommy I love you! x3

*Why did you just pour the bag of chocolate chips into your dump
Response: We cant have sand in the house!

Do Princesses Wear Camo?

Well of course they do when they live on the Eastern Shore!

My little Helena, who is not so little anymore chose this dress specifically for her first day of 2nd grade! She made sure she was accessorized with headband, shoes, earrings and bracelets to little fashionista in the making, ES style! She looked adorable and had a really good first day, no chair surfing this year!
Next Tuesday is the next big milestone in our school year, the trips are off to PreK 4.....God Bless Ms. Chance and Ms. Malicke....I see a lot of chocolate in their future. I have my box of tissues ready, who told my boys they could grow up so fast!