September 27, 2007

Hello! from Malaysia!

Today is one of those days; Mommy has a bad cold and is not feeling well, the Trips are mad at her because she installed a gate at the top of the stairs (to stop them from throwing things into the living room!), and H. wanted to give her brothers some chocolate milk this morning (did I mention she put it on their trays while they were eating breakfast!) and there is a very large spider spinning a web outside of my kitchen door.

Needless to say, Mommy was not having a good day, then the phone rang. It was P. from Malaysia!!!! "Hello from Malaysia" was what I heard and I could not have been happier!! She has only been gone a few days now, but I really miss her and her family....she wanted to let me know how things were. The new house is nice, gecko's poop everywhere, Little M. took Matty out of his crib and they were having a party in the bathroom (toothpaste and all at 2:00 am) and OJ costs $8.00 a carton....But overall she really did sound good! It will take time to adjust, they are all on western time still, so Little M's party really took place at 2:00 pm for her.....

I was just glad to hear they were there and had a safe journey across the Pacific to their new home! She will get in touch when they are up and running with phone and computer lines, but until then, I know she is well!!!

September 25, 2007

The Coveted Yellow Ribbon!

Yesterday, H. got off of the bus proudly wearing the "coveted yellow ribbon"! What does this mean you ask? It means that she was chosen to be the "Special Person of the Day"! The SPOD gets to count the calendar, check the weather, start the Pledge of Allegiance, be the line leader (all day, no less) and start the class song/dance! What more could you ask for when you are 4!! Needless to say, she was very excited and showed anyone that looked her way...Yeah H.!

Yesterday was also a big day in her ballet career - in ballet class they got to watch a portion of the Nutcracker ballet and then had to dance like falling snowflakes that were melting! How cute! I cannot wait until visitation in November to see my little ballerina in action, if it is anything like the "showings" at home, we are in for a treat!!!

**FYI - Soccer Update - Round Top did really well on Saturday, 11-3 over Centreville!

September 20, 2007

Hair Cuts!!

Today my friend Anne, who has a beauty shop on her farm, gave all of the kids a haircut. The 3 P's sat in the chair like big boys and didn't even take the token lolly that she offered. They look like "little men" now. H., of course is a professional when it comes to getting her hair done. She tells me I don't need to stand by the chair because she is a big girl. Today however I needed to stay, we cut a few inches off! She looks really cute, if I do say so myself. After her cut she and Anne's son went to play with the kittens, feed the horses, check on the chickens and feed the dogs. This is life on the Eastern Shore!!! I had trouble getting her to leave so we could catch the bus to school, but in the end Mom won and we made the bus right on time!!! Here is a picture of her smelling the roses.....

September 17, 2007

There is Always Drama in Our House

So where to begin....last Thursday instead of going to hug my friends and wish them safe travel, we ended up at the Dr.'s office once again. Pt and Pj were having respitory issues again, and not wanting to do another overnight in the hospital, off we went. Dr.K set us up with a neb schedule and some steroids and by Friday evening everyone was breathing normally!!! Yeah!!! Needless to say we did not have any adventures this weekend except soccer. The team did really well, J. said it was 9-4 , so go Round Top!!

On Friday I went to see P. to say goodbye (tissues ready to go) and she had some news! Their passports were not back yet, so they are not leaving until next one more week in the hotel, living out of suitcases and trying to go on with a daily routine. M is still in school until this Friday and we do get to celebrate her and little M's birthday this weekend, so that will be a nice send-off!!!

Right now I am waiting for the rep. to come and give us an estimate on a new garage door panel. I know we just moved in in March. Someone, I have an idea who but will not point any fingers, left a shovel handle in the track and when he went to put the door down, it got damaged. Now when you raise the door, it makes a sound like it is going to fall off!! Tomorrow the carpet company will be coming out to replace the carpet in the living room, Brittany got out of her crate one weekend when we were on a day trip and decided to teach us a lesson! Needless to say, she gets double locked in the crate now whenever we leave!!!

This weekend we did get H. her ballet leotard with skirt, so I will post pictures of the dancing princess soon!!

September 13, 2007

Saying GoodBye!

Today is a crazy day for me and my family. After all of the normal daily activities, we are going to visit some friends who are moving to Malaysia on Monday. P. and I have become good friends over the last 2 years. Her youngest son and the trips are only 3 weeks apart in age, plus her 2 girls (3 and 7) and H. really have a good time together. I am going to miss the quick "vent" we could do when the kids or our husbands have "temper tantrums".......but we live in the era of e-mail and Vonage, so communication should not be tooo difficult after they are settled in KL. I promised myself that I would not cry when we see each other tonight, but we will see how that goes.....

September 12, 2007

A New Adventure

A new adventure, sounds good to me! We are always looking for a new adventure in our lives, and this way I can share them with everyone.

It is hard to believe that our 9 year wedding anniversary is coming up this fall. It seems like yesterday I was sitting in my first college lecture hall when this guy sits next to me out of the blue. The hall was basically empty, but he sat next to me? Little did we know 9 years later we would be married with 4 children and a dog.....

Now a new adventure has begun - H. is in school, soccer and ballet class. She goes to Pre-K4 5 days a week and of course loves every minute of it, especially riding the bus. Soccer is going well. They do not offically keep score, but we (the parents) know they are 1-1. I am the team MOM, yes a real life "soccer mom" - go figure.

This week we had our first ballet class and I got good reviews from Mrs. Teri. The little girl she sits with on the bus is in her class. H. and N. have become good friends. H. has requested a leotard with a skirt so she can watch it twirl in class, so off to Target we go. I mean she may follow in her mother and god-mothers footsteps and dance for 17+ years, so she needs to be prepared.

Last night I felt like an official Mom. We had our first Back to School Night. I figure by the time the trips make it to Pre-K I will be a pro at PTA meetings, fund raisers and not going to any school function without my checkbook.

Well, Sesame Street is over and it is time to get ready for school, lunch and the bus....which leads to lunch and playtime with the trips, the usual load (or 2) of laundry and getting dinner started before the bus comes back.....if I have time, maybe some chocolate chip cookies will be in order....