July 26, 2012

The Kiddos - Spring 2012

"We're not Perfect, We're Parents"

I think it is Nickelodeon that says something along the lines of....."we're not perfect, we're parents"!  No other quote could be more true.  As I sit and look back on the antics of my crew this summer I realize how perfectly imperfect we are!  TRUTH - I LOVE IT!  In between the regularly scheduled family disagreements, scuffles, temper fits and meltdowns here are some of the MILESTONES of LIFE what we have been up to!

1). The start of the season.....The Triplets Campfire Cookout Birthday Party!  Scales and Tales joined us for a one of a kind birthday celebration.  We had a tent full of balls, a station to make your own trail mix, a station to make a pine cone bird feeder and some really cool Naturalists from Tuckahoe State Park brought some even cooler owls!  (See, I really added an educational piece, but the kiddos don't realize that just yet..hehehe!)

The party was a blast and everyone had fun and learned a little something about our local wildlife as well!  The best part.....my boys agreed to ask their friends (and with 3 kiddos in 2 classes with a big extended family as well that is a ton of friends) to bring a donation to the Queen Anne County Animal Shelter instead of gifts.  They were able to take a 50 gallon crate full of pet supplies to the shelter, what a great way to give back!!

Our family is very generous, so they did not go without plenty of presents each and thanks to the generosity of everyone, all three got a new 20" bike and helmet with gift cards they received!!

2)  The end of school brought with it some remarkable report cards.....Helena ROCKED straight A's for the first time!!!  Parker is reading his sight words and doing his math just like the 1st grader he is going to be!!  Preston worked really hard on his reading and math skills so he can show them off in 1st grade!!  Peyton is reading like a champ and doing his "silent math" ready to move on!!! 

We could not be more proud of them.....each one faced their own challenges and worked so hard this past year, who could ask for more!

3)  Up next was Helena's Birthday Party at Tuckahoe State Park - The Challenge Course!  I mean really, what little girls doesn't want to go rock wall climbing and zip lining for her birthday!!  We (and I mean all of the adults and kids) at the party could not have been more proud of everyone that participated in the challenge!  What a boost to your self esteem when you are 8 to 12 years old and meet the challenge of climbing a 40' rock wall or tube net and then zip lining down to meet up with your parents, family and friends....super cool!  Oh and then going on to the 50' rope swing....amazing!

.........up next........4H Camp, camping on Assateague, boogie boarding on the beach and the Combine Crash Up Derby!

February 21, 2012

New Post.......over a year late!

I know, I am not the best blogger ever, but I have decided to try and keep everyone up to date on the antics of my circus! To become one of the best bloggers ever! I hear all of the time that I should write a book....so here are the current adventures of my life with 1 husband, 4 kids, 1 rabbit and 5 chickens!

Saturday was my 38th Birthday! 38....wow, only 2 more years to the BIG 40! Surprisingly enough I am not sad about that, I think I was more upset to creep up on 30. I had a plan as most of us do and by 30 I had not yet met all of the goals I had set.....I did not have kids yet and I wanted them badly!

Now, at 38, I have 4 great kids who make me crazy on a daily basis, but always manage to make me smile in the process......here are some of the reasons why...

H - she is a lot like me.... schoolwork must be perfect, she is a social butterfly, her dance steps must be on time or she gets mad, her room is a mess and she is very strong willed and independent (traits that will be great when she is in college or a board room, not so much at 8), she is a great big sister just like I still am (no comment Daniel) and she loves to be with me in the kitchen, she likes to play in the dirt but must wear her pink John Deere gloves to do so!

P1 - he likes to do things in his own time....we call it Parker time! From the day he was born this is what he lived by and it has not changed! He is very fast and plays soccer, but did not get on the field this past season until he was ready (with some coaxing from coach). He does great in school, but will tell you his letters and numbers when he wants to and not a moment sooner! He loves camo and his crossbow, trucks and fishing, give him the outdoors and he is happy. For dinner he will skip the veg, but give him a steak and he his happy!

P2 - he had the most heart.....he is the definition of a "middle child"....slow and stead wins the race with him! He works so hard in school and surprises me with his reading everyday! He chooses not to play sports but will sit at every game and cheer his brothers on without hesitation. He is a fan of his collections....one day I think you will see him on hoarders....each collection is different and you never know what you will find. Like P1 he loves some camo, his rifle and a fishing pole (they just found a new spot for spring). He will not eat meat unless it is in the form of a hot dog or chicken tender....vegetables and fruit all the way! Every night when he hugs me before bed....he tells me "I'm never gonna let you go!"

P3 - he is a "hot mess"! He has learned to read with vigor, so now any spelling during a conversation is useless or printed message you don't want anyone to know about....must write in cursive! He is super sweet in school, like honey...he gets off the bus and is honery!! Plays soccer like it is the world cup, but looks at the clouds while running down the field...not as serious as P1 about the game! He will eat anything you put in front of him....plus any ones leftovers! He is the "leader of the pack" at times, but does it in a sneaky way.....don't let the curls and baby blues fool you!