February 11, 2008

Rite of Passage - Preston

This weekend we witnessed another "grown up" moment from Preston - he walks up the stairs!! That is right, he holds onto the wall and walks up - just like a big boy! I can't even believe it - they are growing up so fast.

February 2, 2008

Cookbook Anyone?

As many of you may know, I have been on the Our Mother of Sorrows 75 Anniversary Cookbook Committee for several months now. I thought this would be a good way to have some Mommy time and get to know some people in the community. We are fastly approaching crunch time and the deadline to get the final draft to the publisher! It never ceases to amaze me how people in a community - any community - can rally around a cause and pull it off 200%. The books will arrive right before Mothers Day - guess what everyone is getting ????

Yes that is right 200%. We had a goal of 300 recipes in mind for the final draft, today we are looking at close to 600!! I still can't believe it. The recipes range from semi-homade to gourmet (we have several professional chefs in the parish!) Emeril and Rachel Ray have nothing on us!!! I am lucky enough to have 12 recipes in the book, some are my own and some were passed down from my Mom and Nonnie. I mean really, were can you buy a great cookbook with 600 recipes in it for $20.00. If anyone would like to pre-order one, no money needed, just let me know.

I am the youngest member of the committee and I have to say these ladies have taught me a lot! Not just about a good group of women (and Ken) who pulled together to make this happen, but about the church and the history it has in the area. The current church (building) is going to be 75 years old, however the parish is over 100. Several of the ladies were born and raised here, as were their parents....it is truly amazing to hear how the town and parish has grown. Tuesday is the annual Pancake Supper and we are really looking forward to going.

Growing up, I went to St. Clare Catholic School from 1st to 8th grade. We had 20 kids in my class and we grew up like brothers and sisters. Not everyone got along all of the time, but what family does? Today I still keep in touch with Becky - we met in the 3rd grade - and trust me, over the past 27 years we have had some fun - you know what they say about those Catholic School Girls)!! She and I ended up going to the same high school, being in each others weddings, seeing babies born, kids growing up and having to say goodbye to loved ones as well.

This is what I hope my kids will be able to say when they are getting ready to turn 34.

Just one more reason I love my small town! (Don't get me wrong, I am envious of anyone who has a coffee shop that stays open past 5:00 p.m.)

Why I Love Mayberry!!

My brother often jokes with me that I live in Mayberry and actually, Church Hill/Sudlersville is a lot like it.

Where else would you find a sign that looks like this to announce a fall wedding!

And where else would you find Cedar Run Farm. Lew Dodd grew up on the farm and now raises the cattle and hog just like his father did when he was a little boy. All you have to do to get farm raised, hormone and antibiotic free meat is drive up his driveway and meet him at the barn. That is his "store" where you can get a variety of frozen meats at a really great price. All less than 5 minutes from your own driveway. Plus is your order is more than $75.00 he delivers. Can I just tell you - his scrapple is the best around!!

When my neighbors car broke down, the lady from Jeannies Shore Good Produce (the local produce market where you can get a great chicken salad sandwich and milkshake, not to mention some fishing/hunting gear and the best corn around while waiting for your order), took her kids to school for her while she waited for the tow truck!

When I need an oil change, Dave from Rolands Garage on the corner, will come to my house - pick up my van - do the oil change ($25.00) - and return it to my garage within a few hours - so I don't have to worry about taking the kids out. I think they do it because there is always a batch of homemade cookies waiting for them when they bring the van back - ha ha ha!!

When Helena needed stitches because of the previously mentioned post, Mrs. Pauls, the principal, went to the hospital with us. (because Helena asked her to!)

Helena's bus driver Mr. Embert has a grand-daughter (Abby) that played on her soccer team and his daughter (Melissa, Abby's mom) was one of the nurses that took care of the boys when they were in the hospital last August.

Small town America - many, many people still ask us why we moved out to the "country" - these are just a few of the reasons......and let's not forget - at night when you look into the sky, you can see every star in it!!!