April 12, 2013

3 Peas In a Pod - Part 1

A day I will never forget....

When you are getting your first sonogram at Shady Grove Fertility, after a positive pregnancy test and you hear "Oh, that's interesting!" from your doctor - you look at the screen - you see 3 heartbeats - your husband turns sheet white - your eyes get as big as baseballs and you just try to breathe!  In that moment you know your life, your husbands life and your 2 year old daughter's life is about to change forever!

So in a few weeks my Triplets will be 7!  Seriously, 7 years old - are you kidding me!!!

It doesn't seem like that long ago that I was waddling my way down the hall of the maternity floor at AAMC to the ER to deliver my little miracles.  My parents and "Big Sister Denise" in the waiting room, while Cindy and Jim were taking care of Helena until delivery was over and everyone was in recovery or the NICU.

It took 6 minutes for our family to double from 3 to 6 - how ironic right - 6 minutes!  First came Parker, then Preston one minute later and then Peyton 5 minutes after that (he didn't want to join the party as fast as his brothers).  The NICU nurses brought them over to me so I could see each of them were doing just fine, give them a quick kiss and off they went to the NICU. 

36 pounds lighter I was taken to recovery to make sure everything was OK and then the coolest thing ever.....the PR person happened to be walking down the hall when my parade of boys was crossing from the ER to the NICU.  She inquired about the delivery and asked if she could speak to me.  I was warm under that blankets in recovery and not on my way anywhere fast so I said sure.  She asked me if it would be OK to contact the news and local newspaper to announce the successful birth of the Trips.  WHAT?  SERIOUSLY?  Of course I said yes!  It was right around the time they were going to have a big fundraiser for the new NICU and we just happened to make our arrival to help promote it.

So after getting a quick visit to the NICU to visit my boys on the way to my room, I just took it all in!

I had just delivered 3 healthy, baby boys who were thriving.  I could actually see my feet if I stood up for the first time in months, I could breathe easier because Peyton's head and bum were not in my ribs anymore, I did not have to constantly go to the "potty" because Parker and Preston were no longer wrestling on my bladder, I had lost 36 pounds and tomorrow we were going to be on TV and in the local paper.....WOW, how quickly my life (our lives) had just changed! 

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