April 4, 2013

A Moment in Time X 3

Last year at the Triplets Birthday Party, I was telling my Uncle Walt about the time the boys were chasing each other around with the broom and somehow - MAGICALLY - the broom handle ended up sticking out of the wall on a 45* angle.  When questioned about how it happened the response was unanimous "Brittany did it Mom!".

For those of you who don't know, Brittany was our dog.  At the time, she was a 15 year old cocker spaniel who could not see or hear very well!  So the AMAZING Brittany, chased the boys down the steps with the broom and ended up putting it through the wall......I wish I had this for You Tube, I could be so rich by now - or at least have been invited to be on ELLEN!

Everyone was laughing and I have to admit even though I did not think it was funny at the time - it is pretty hilarious now - 2 years later!!  But my uncle said to me, "You know Denise, when you look at that wall you will always remember that moment in time when the Trips put the broom through the wall, and laugh.  Every "ding" in the wall or stain in the carpet was caused by an event in your life."

And he was 110% correct!  Every time I walk down the steps, I laugh to myself because I think about that moment.  When I see the scuffed corners of the walls and baseboards I remember that my little boys used to run their cars and trucks along them. 

When I look at my kitchen table and see that one side of the table has been worn more than the other, I remember it is because 3 little boys sat there together for several years and made mess, after mess, after mess and had to be wiped 3x's as much as the other side.

And when I put their clothes away and see the broken drawer on their dresser, I remember the time I caught them "napping" - I mean sliding down the mattress they propped against the dresser (it is not a tall dresser, but one that was a changing table).  The broken drawer happened when they used it as a ladder to reach the top of the "slide"!  That was when naps ended - for all of us!

So tonight as I watched my sons put on batting helmets and hit baseballs for the first time with their team - the BLUE CLAWS - I realized that my boys are growing up fast!  They are quickly on their way to 7 and there may not be "dings" on my walls anymore, but mud from the baseball field from the shoes they were supposed to take off before coming in or 3 baseball gloves laying in the middle of the floor (right inside the door). 

As I start to straighten up, once again, before going to bed tonight, I will complain about the mud, the crumbs from the endless amount of food they can consume, load the dishwasher for the second time today and finish packing lunches.  Then I will go upstairs one more time and check on all 4 of my Little Angels - to make sure the lights that got turned back on after I tucked them in the first time are off, all books are secure under their pillows and everyone is snuggled up tight - I will kiss them all once more because without them (and their Big Sister, of course) my life would be so "UNEVENTFUL!".

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